Great experience

I came to Feizy Law with a very small case earlier this year. Not only did Nick and his paralegal, Lucy, treat me with respect and kindness, but they also didn't treat my case any differently than their larger cases. The two of them made everything from setting up medical care to communication with the insurance agents, go smoothly and effortlessly. Nick demonstrated true professionalism by promptly working on my case, caring about my situation, and communicating with me on a regular basis. I never felt like I didn't know the status of my case.
It is clear that Nick takes pride in helping people in a time of need, through diminishing the stress of the overwhelming world of law and insurance.
All in all, I had an amazing experience with Feizy Law. They are great and caring people. In the unfortunate event that you need legal help, you need Nick and Lucy! They are honest, fair, and more than I could have ever asked for.

Stephanie on 10/21/15

Great Advisor

Nick has provided me with invaluable legal advice and guidance on multiple occasions. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a conscientious, detail oriented and responsive attorney.

Paul on 09/25/15

Nick Feizy Review

I was in a accident back in December. My car was totaled and I was hurt pretty bad. The driver who hit me carried Anchor General Insurance - which if any of you have read their reviews would know they are the worst to deal with. Nick Feizy represented me well and got them to respond. I did not have to go a day without medical treatment and his office staff was courteous and always returned my calls on time. When it came time to settle my case I was impressed with the amount of money he got my pain and suffering. If you are in need of an attorney for your accident - I hands down recommend Nick Fiezy to you! Trust me you wont be disappointed!

Kelli Keath on 07/21/15

Great personal injury attorney. Settles cases high and ridiculously fast!

My friends and I were all in an accident and I used Feizy. My other buds had similar injuries but they used the big name lawyers. My case settled for almost twice what theirs did and 8 months sooner. Thumbs up for Feizy!

Personal Injury Client On 08/27/14

Hey this is A. I just want to let you know that I thank you for helping me. I didn't mean to call and bother you so much. Again I want to thank you for helping me out.

A. on 4/21/14

Thank you very much, you and Lucy did an outstanding job. We will recommend you to all our friends.

C. on 4/11/14

Good evening Mr. Feizy,

Thank you very much for all your help! Yes, I will. Same to you as well!



D. on 1/30/14

We will certainly keep you in mind Nick. Thank you for taking care of us. We enjoyed the therapy sessions with Dr. as well.

A. on 1/30/14

Hello Mr. Feizy, I always remain appreciative for the great legal work you did my behave. I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

N. on 12/24/13

Awesome!!! Thank you so very much for everything!!?

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year!!

C. on 12/10/13

I moved to texas in May of 2013. After 2 weeks of my relocation, I was T boned by a driver running a red light in the rain. I moved from Florida where the laws are completly different. I have never used an attorney and always relied on my insurance company. I found Nick Feizy online and left a vm at 8pm. To my suprise Nick personally called me back within minutes. I was not at all familiar with the laws in Texas. I had some back and shoulder injuries. Being new to the state I was unsure of what to do. He made the process seamless. I found Feizy Law online. Nick and his amazing team have guided me to a professional group of physicians and chiropracters who got me up to par in no time. Nick and his amazing team offered constant communication and truely cared about my well being and making sure I was financially taken care of.

K. on 11/16/13

I moved to texas in May of 2013. After 2 weeks of my relocation, I was T boned by a driver running a red light in the rain. I moved from Florida where the laws are completly different. I have never used an attorney and always relied on my insurance company. I found Nick Feizy online and left a vm at 8pm. To my suprise Nick personally called me back within minutes. I was not at all familiar with the laws in Texas. I had some back and shoulder injuries. Being new to the state I was unsure of what to do. He made the process seamless. I found Feizy Law online. Nick and his amazing team have guided me to a professional group of physicians and chiropracters who got me up to par in no time. Nick and his amazing team offered constant communication and truely cared about my well being and making sure I was financially taken care of. I was very impressed with the settlement.

Kent Billiter on 11/14/2013

Thanks Nick,

You will always be No. 1 to me.


J. on 10/28/13

J. and I would like to thank you again for working extremely hard on my case .... I do appreciate your work.

V. on 8/7/13

Hello Mr. Feizy

I am doing great. Thank you for asking. I really do appreciate everything that you are doing. Thank you so much!

C. on 6/19/13

Hi Mr. Feizy, Thank you for checking on me. I am doing fine with the exception of some neck and shoulder pain. But Dr. is taking care of me. He is great! I truly appreciate you.

R. on 6/19/13

Hi Mr. Feizy I'm doing great thanks for asking. I just want to thank you for all your support I am very happy that your my lawyer. Thank You very much.

Q. on 6/19/13

Nick took care of my on my case. He was very professional, understanding, and helpful. I was in an accident that the insurance company tried to sweep under the rug. Nick made sure I was taken care of. I saw a chiropractor within a few days of the accident. Nick went out of the way to make sure I was okay before anything else. I would highly recommend Nick Feizy to anyone.

A. on 5/13/13

Hey nick, just wanted to say thank you again, I can't imagine any client being so uncooperative and still getting paid like this ... . It has/will make a huge impact in mine and my family's lives. You are a true bad ass. :)

M. on 4/6/13

Attorney Nick Feizy was very nice to begin with. He was extremely professional and very honest. I could always either talk to Mr. Feizy or his assistant whenever I called. From the beginning he found a doctor for me since I did not have any health insurance to pay for it myself. Him and his staff immediately helped me with my car repairs too. I can't say how easy Mr. Feizy made this for me and how happy I am with his services. In the end I received a very good settlement amount in my pocket after all my bills were paid. I have saved Mr. Feizys phone number in my contacts so if I ever need him I can find him. I will refer anyone to him that I know needs an injury lawyer. Thank you so so so very much Mr. Feizy.

Marsha S. on 3/20/2013


Thanks for your thoughts and concerns. I am still a long way from being well, but I am much better than I expected to be at this juncture. I am still having problems keeping my head above water, from week to week. Having said that, be it known to all that am not homeless, living under a bridge, or beggin on a corner.

I thank you for all you have done, and for your continued concern..

Eternally grateful and sincerely thankful,

Your Friend


J on 2/8/13

Thank you very much Nick! We are doing okay, I have regained a bit of mobility in my arm, although I've been in an incredible amount of pain, knowing I have you on my side gives me a sense of safety. I truly appreciate all you and Lucy have done. I WISH WE WOULD'VE KNOWN ABOUT YOU BEFORE FUR MY HUSBANDS WRECK! Thank you D.

D on 2/7/13

Thanks,so much you are very nice attorney.

Sincerely, JJ

J on 2/7/13

Yea I was very happy with the money I got, and they handle the case very good and it was fast.

J. on 1/14/13

I was very satisfied with your work on my case. It settled faster then I planned. Will definelty call again if needed.

J. on 11/16/12

Yes I had a good experience you got me a good chiropractor treatment and you fought hard on my case! Thank you Nick Feizy hope to not do that again but if it happens I'll call you first lol.

M. on 11/16/12

I want to thank Mr. Feizy for representing me. Mr. Feizy you're awesome. Thank you for your help with my medical care and with my settlement. I am truly happy with what I ended up with. Thank you and I will recommend you to anyone I know. God Bless You.

R. on 10/8/12

Thank you nick


E. on 9/26/12

Good morning, Happy Friday to you!!

I received a call from the body shop for my truck. They said that everything go approved and ...

I really appreciate all of your help! :)

N. on 9/21/12

Hi Nick,

I spoke to your receptionist yesterday. I told her ... . Thank you for all the help you have given me.



V. on 9/18/12

Nick did a great job of getting me a settlement for an accident caused by someone else that totaled my car. He even had to chase down the guy in India and got a judge to allow the defendant to be served via email because. The guy was driving a rental car from Enterprise with all the insurance coverage available through Enterprise, Enterprise self-insures and has a terrible reputation. It took a while because of the defendant's location and Enterprise being non-responsive, but we won.

Thanks Nick!

Derek P. on 6/19/2012

Thanks for all your hard work!

D. on 6/18/12

The service here @ Feizy Law Office was extremely professional. I was kept informed on every step of the process. What an outstanding job! Excellent work, professional office, outstanding attorney.

A. on 6/12/12

I am so happy with Feizy Law Office! This was one of the few times I ve ever needed an attorney and I was skeptical about it at first but he put me at ease right off the bat and the outcome was better than I ever imagined! Nick s manner was polite and reassuring and he never talked down to me. He really is just a nice person to do business with. I really appreciate how he kept me in the loop at all times. He was professional but personable and I will tell everyone I know about my dealings with him! He reinstilled my faith in his profession!

L. on 4/29/12

I am very happy with Mr. Feizy & how he expedited the claim, his manner with me, the whole experience. He was honest & helpful & a delight to work with.

L. on 4/28/12

Nick Feizy is the best in the business. I like the way he treats and good service.

D. on 4/27/12

Very good service, extremly satisfied Thank you.

W. on 4/17/12

Personal Injury cases can be difficult, time consuming and draining on you, not only physically, but financially if you have the wrong attorney. But I am glad to say that my experience was very much the opposite of this. I had the great fortune of being referred to Mr. Nick Feizy after being rear-ended by a truck. Mr. Feizy is a great attorney, very proficient and a real class act. He is highly competent and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who has the misfortune of experiencing a personal injury accident. I can personally attest to his success, as he walked me through the arduous process of claims, affidavits and all that comes with these types of cases. Mr. Feizy is one of the good guys, he genuinely cares, not just about your case, but about you as a person and a client.

R. on 4/12/12

Mr. Feizy is an attorney who gets results for you. I was rear-ended at a traffic light. I had problems from the first attorney firm I hired, which later dropped my case. I was in need for another attorney, when I saw Nick Feizy name online, I gave him a call. Mr. Feizy handle my case very well. Nick kept me informed with what was going on with my case. After my case was settled, I had a problem with a chiropractor, not associated with Nick Feizy office, again Mr. Feizy was able to assist me. I received EXCELLENT results instantly. Do not waste another moment looking for an attorney, just call Nick Feizy.

M. on 3/17/12

Thank you Mr. Feizy,

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

R. on 3/14/12

Nick, We are all well here....so far so good in 2012. Hope all is well with you. Feeling good...back to yoga and walking. Thanks so much for your help.

S. on 1/27/12


E. on 1/11/12

Thank you Nick Feizy for helping me when I was in a wreck back in July. Your fast services to doctors helped me get better faster. Your associates and yourself were really kind and understand what we were feeling. You also help get services for my daughter too. Thank you for your help and your services. Its all greatly appreciated.

R. on 12/22/11

I was very happy with the legal service Mr. Feizy gave me and my child after our car wreck. He got us medical treatment and came to us when we were not able to travel he got the case closed and our settlements to us in a very prompt manner. I would refer Mr. Feizy to anyone I know.

L. on 12/22/11

Nick is a great lawyer and a great guy. He did a fantastic job on my case and got me every dollar I had coming to me. I would recommend him over any one else you may be considering. He not only took care of all the legal aspects, he took care of all my medical appointments and also kept me to to date on anything that was going on in my case and made sure I knew exactly what was happening .Don't make the mistake of letting someone else get anywhere near your case. Thanks Nick

J. on 11/5/11

thanks for all you did for my case will sure refer someone that needs help. have a good one.

L. on 10/17/11

Nick and his team made it so easy for me! I did not have to worry about anything, and they helped me get a settlement after my accident. I really enjoyed working with them! The even came to my house to do my paperwork. It does not get easier than that. Thank you!

J. on 10/6/11

I was very please with Mr. Feizy.

L. on 9/27/11

Feizy Law Office did a wonderful job with my case. They helped me with my car accident and made me feel comfortable.

I. on 8/16/11

I was most impressed by your communication at all stages, the urgency given to my case and the outcome.

S. on 8/12/11

I'm fairly new to Dallas and was totally lost when it came to chooisng a lawyer for my slip and fall case. I found Mr. Feizy online and was a little concerned to have him represent me thinking that oh he's a big time lawyer and would not give my case the attention it deserved...boy i was wrong!!!! He went above and beyond for my case and I was more than pleased with the outcome of my settlement. If I should ever need a lawyer again I will defiently have Mr. Feizy on speed dial! Thanks again to you and your staff.

R. on 6/12/11

I was treated very well by Mr. Feizy and his staff. This matter was handeled in a timely manner.

R. on 5/10/11

Mr. Nick and Ms. Yadira Thank you for taking my small case and getting rid of my BIG Headache from the other ins. co. You all were professional, straight forth and quick. Thank so much. When other attorneys turned me down you picked me up. Thank you!! I hope I will not need you again, but, if I do I will call you.

M. on 4/19/11

Im writing to let you know that I highly appericate everything that you have done for me. Me and my kids are going to have a fun day today. If we come back you better get them guy foreal Nick I do love you and thank you for everything that you have done for me and my kids Im going to send everybody to you.

L. and Family on 4/7/11

I think that Mr. Feizy was a very professional atty. I felt that he did all he could with what he was working with. I would refer him to any of my friends.

L. on 4/7/11

Knowledgeable, helpful, and good customer service. Appreciate your timely manner. Appreciate Ms. Gonzales coming out to my home instead of us having to come out. Would refer other accident cases to Mr. Feizy in future. I would would use Mr. Feizy again if I had too.

J. on 3/25/11

I appreciate Feizy Law Firm as a Representation because I would be releive as the stress from everything. Honesty and concern of the victims. I believe you did what you could to help relieve any stress from the accident.


E. on 3/25/11

Nick Feizy, the man that will work to see you happy

Nick explained to me how things were going to work, he let me know what was needed to start case and once that was done he took over from there. It was a really quick settle, I am extremly happy with the results. Thanks Nick !

Terrance on 03/21/11

My experience with Nick was excellent. I was placed into therapy within hours of leaving his office and received a fair and speedy settlement. I would recommend and personally use his services anytime.

A. on 3/15/11

I was reluctant to call anyone regarding my injury, just because I didn't report it right away but very glad that I did. Your office was extremely nice and I am 100% pleased with the outcome.

Thank You!

M. 3/15/11

I would refer my friends and family. Thanks Nick. (It is good experience over all in my injury case) Thanks to Yadira for assistance.

F. on 2/26/11

I was very pleased.

E. on 2/17/11

I enjoyed working w/Nick and Yadira. I've never been involved in a lawsuit and they made it very easy. Thanks for all your help. Hopefully I will never have an opprutunity to have to use an attorney but if I do I will definetely use Feizy!

B. on 1/28/11

Mr. Feizy did a fine job and I will recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent attorney.

E. on 1/28/11

Thank you Mr. Feizy. My daughter got all the care needed. Your office took care of everything, eg doctors, pharmacy, chiropractor. Always courteous and kind. K's leg has healed and other than being a typical teen is happy. Once again, Thanks.

D. on 1/25/11

I am very happy with the experience I received from your office. The experience was handled with the upmost professionalism and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of my case. Thank you very much for the great service.

R. on 1/25/11

Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf.

E. on 1/16/11

I am very pleased with the performance of Mr. Feizy. He is an important asset to any injury lawsuit. Thanks for being there whenever needed.

P. on 1/4/11

I would recommend Nick to anyone with personal injury issues. It was great working with Nick.

Anonymous on 2010

I am really happy with the service I received at Feizy Law Office. They all were very helpful.

J. on 12/29/10

The Feizy Law Firm was outstanding in their service. Made me feel like a person who they were willing to help in the time of need.

Thank you.

H. on 12/14/10

He worked with me with no problems and helped out as much as he possibly could. No problems at all. Very happy with his service.

G. on 12/8/10

Mr. Feizy was wonderful. He got me back alot more than I expected and was fast getting my compensation to me. I would refer any and everyone to Feizy Law Firm. No complaints whatsoever. Thanks.

C. on 11/29/10

... I just want to thank you all for all you have done for me , Mr. x ., D.C. is a God send he has helped my a lot with the lowback pain I am having, and his referal for other tests because of my low back and left leg pain. I have went back to work with light duty after three weeks witrh light duty instructions because of my back and leg pain,

E. on 11/23/10

Hey Nick, How are you. You represented me on a car accident case about a year ago and did a great job, thank you for that.

B. 11/1/10

I was very please with the whole experience. I will use Nick again.

S. on 10/25/10

Very satisfied with the way Mr. Feizy handled my case I would highly recommend him and come back to him for further assistance. Very please.

Muy satifecha de la manera que el abogado Mr. Feizy llevo micaso, yo lo recomiendo y definitiva-mente regresaria si turiera otro caso, muy agradecida.

S. on 10/22/10

Nick Nima Feizy our attorney was really good. Yadira Garcia, his assistant was always keeping me on w/the information and how everything was going. I really like and appreciated the service and how everything went.

I do recommend this attorney to someone else, service was great.

J. and E. 10/22/10

Nick has been extremely helpful and throughal the whole process I would highly highly recommend anyone and everyone to him!

J. on 9/27/10

Hello Mr. Feizy,

Thank you for the reply and the suggestion. I will look into this alternate method.

I appreciate the assistance you provided with my concern.



R. on 9/13/10

Very happy. Walked through the process every step of the way. Taken care of quickly.

W. on 9/8/10

Thanks for working with us.

E. on 9/7/10

I am very satisfied with my settlement. Nick went above and beyond to get me what I deserved. Thanks Nick.

M. on 9/1/10

I am very happy with the help provide by Feizy Law Office. He knows what he is doing and always put his clients first. The staff in his office are also very cooperative. In short he knows how to get compensation for his client and wont let you victim twice.

S. on 8/16/10

I've never had to use a lawyer my entire life and in my time of need Nick called me back within two minutes or less after hearing my voicemail. He made it as easiest possible to go through this time that I couldn't imagine it any easier on my part but to meet my appointments for physical therapy. I recommend Nick Feizy to anyone that want to be treated with respect and above fair conditions.

B. 8/16/10

I am very satisfied with Nick Feizy and associates. Everyone treated me kind with respect. He kept me updated all times what was going on with my case. He is awesome. Thank you so much for your time and patient.

A. on 8/10/10

I was very pleased with Nick Feizy's professionalism and his promptness. He always kept me posted of the latest developments in the case. I would definetly refer him to friends and family.

J. on 8/6/10

It was scary being in an accident! Nick was a blessing from above! He always let me know what was going on, calmed my nerves! The process was much easier than I expected, and although I hope to never be in an accident again I will come to Nick if I do and most definitely refer freinds and family. You must use Nick he's the best and most helpful accident lawyer Dallas has to offer. Thanks Nick!

L. on 7/6/10

Overall the experience was good. Service was great. I will recommend this service to anyone.

L. on 7/6/10

Was a great experience working with Mr. Feizy while he was taking care of my case. Mr. Feizy did an awesome job on my case. I would refer anyone who is seeking counsel to Mr. Feizy. Thanks a lot.

C. on 7/2/10

Excellent Job

D. on 6/30/10

You are representing my wife Loren and I in a MVA claim and I wanted to thank you for the friendly and professional service that you have provided. We both are extremely pleased with your services and the services at X Chiropractic. I'm glad that I called you.

B. on 6/6/10

We came to Mr. Feizy upset and confused. He spoke with us and helped us in more ways than we can count! His services were fast and true! In no time we were all on a first name only! I will come back here (if needed!) Thank you SOOOO MUCH!

S. on 5/27/10

I really appreciate everything Nick did for me. He always answered all my questions with satisfaction. From the very beginning he took care of me with doctors chiropractors MRI took all the work out of my hands and did it himself found me a nice specialist and etc. That was very comforting knowing that I was out of comission for 6 weeks. I would totally recommend Nick Feizy to anyone. Outstanding job. I also got a great settlement.

D. on 5/5/10

I want to thank you so much for helped me worked together. I glad you're better of law attorney man

It's was my life only person is you're greater helped me (deaf guy). I wonderful to you're my greatest attorney of law! God blessing to you, Feizy.

I'll keep you still my law too, Smile!

L. on 4/28/10


R. on 4/5/10

I am happy with my recovery.

R. on 4/5/10

After I involved in an accident I don't know how to fight with the insurance people but one of my friends told about Feizy Law Office. I went there straight and I am glad I did that. I got what I was intitled to and more. Thanks Feizy

A. on 3/11/10

I feel so happy with my case they are so nice to me.

S. on 3/11/10

Im soo happy that Nick help me whit my car accident it was so easy and simple than you Nick.

D. on 3/8/10

Happy thank you

T. on 2/19/10

God love you!

J. on 2/9/10

Nick was great. When we got into the accident we were not able to meet together so he came to us. Treated us with respect and listened to what we had to say. Found us a great clinic that was close to home. Let us know what was going on. Also helped us fix our truck.

Thank you

Will let anybody know about our attorney.

M. on 1/29/10

Nick was great. When we got into the accident we were not able to meet together so he came to us. Treated us with respect and listened to what we had to say. Found us a great clinic that was close to home. Let us know what was going on. Also helped us fix our truck.

Thank you

Will let anybody know about our attorney.

M. on 1/29/10

Nick was very helpful and did treated us very good. I would recommend him to anyone plus I would call him agin.

J. on 1/29/10

Hello Nick,

I just wanted to thank you again for your time yesterday and for the immediate referal to Dr. X with X Chiropractic.

Best regards,


J. on 1/22/10

Yes I am happy that Nick worked the case fast and good.

I. on 1/12/10

I was involved in a car accident in which someone rear-ended me. They were not paying attention and hit me at 35-40 mph while I was at a complete stop. I was smashed between the person who hit me and another car. My car (company car) was ultimately totaled. I did incur some bodily damage. Nick immediately referred me to a doctor and kept in touch with me every step. He provided timely updates as they were available and was always empathetic to my situation. Nick remained open and honest to ensure I understood the process, expectations, and allowing me to make educated decisions. I appreciated his help and would certainly recommend him to others.

B. on 1/8/10

Nick was very quick and on the ball with everything involved. He kept me updated on the case. Took care of everything. Really made the experience less stressful and quick.

J. on 12/22/09

I hired Nick to help me after I was sideswiped by someone off of 75. My new Camry had $5k of damage and I was hurt as well. He worked with insurance adjusters from the very beginning and through litigation to help me to pay for my car damage and medical bills. Working with Nick made the entire process much less stressful, and he told me what to expect and my options every step of the way. Anyway, I wanted to post a review for this attorney because he is a trustworthy professional who I really appreciated working with and highly recommend him to others.?

D. on 12/9/09

I was a passenger in a car accident and Mr. Feizy handled my case in a very professional and timely matter. The driver of the car went with another lawyer and his case concluded 1 year after my case and settled for a third of my settlement. He also is still receiving medical bills. I will never use another lawyer and highly recommend The Feizy Law Office.

M. on 12/1/09

I was very pleased to have Mr. Feizy represent me on a personal injury case. I was hit by a mini van earlier this year and he was very prompt on my call and didn't waste any time. He contacted the other party's insurance company and got me a rental car promptly then he settled my case and got me a very satisfactory settlement. I highly recommendt his firm. Thank you for your services.?

B. on 12/1/09

Nick has really been a great help for me and my family. He is a person you can trust to get the job done.

T. on 11/5/09

Nick was really great, and very professional through my whole ordeal. It was a complicated accident, and he worked really hard, and it paid off. I got the full amount for my accident. I am really happy with the results, and everything was done so quickly. I would definatly recommend him for anyone!! He had me at a chiropractor the next day, and the treatments were great, he had excellent advice for me, and made time for any question that came up while everything was going on. 10 stars!

Thank you so much Nick!

K. on 10/23/09

I am happy and feel comfortable with my lawyer.

K. on 9/23/09

Very happy with your work. You did a great job with every thing when it came to me. I will tell more people about you. Thanks.

G. on 9/11/09

I am very please with you. Attorney Feizy

thank you very much for helping me. If anything come up again I would be very happy to use you as or for my attorney.

D. on 9/9/09

Yes, I was happy w/outcome.

J. on 8/31/09

Very quick service. He was there to assist with any questions I had and deal with the situation at hand appropriately. Left my mind at ease because I didn't need to worry about going head to head with big business. Highly recommended. Thanks Nick.

R. on 8/24/09

He did a wonderful job with my case. He was quick and got me what I deserved.

A. on 8/24/09

I was in an accident yesterday... he was the highest rated on here, I tested the reviews myself... I agree.. no jokes he responded to my inquiry within minutes! I'm all about customer service and I can tell Nick is too! I just contracted him to help me, he immediately scheduled a Chiropractor.. very informative and helpful! I hope everyone uses yahoo reviews they work!!

L. on 7/22/09

My name is A. I am happy how is may defend me.

A. on 7/17/09

Mr. Feizy was very quick with the settlement and called us almost everyday concerning our case. He was very good!

B. on 7/14/09

He was very quick and called back whenever I called him. You always deal with him directly. Also gave us a great chiropractor.

S. on 7/14/09

I was very happy with your services and I would gladly refer more clients!

E. on 7/10/09

It was very understanding and efficient. I would recommend his services to anyone.

T. on 7/9/09

I feel Mr. Nick Feizy get the job done fast.

J. on 7/9/09

Nima Feizy is a good lawer. I would talk all my friends to go to Feizy Law Office for help on all claims.

P. on 6/24/09