Slip and Fall

Personal injuries that are caused by slip and fall sound to be really minor but could be extremely damaging to the body of an individual. These injuries arise due to negligent property owners who don’t pay attention to the possible risk posing sites in their premise. An individual who may be crossing that site could slip or trip because of lack of knowledge about the risk posing site. These accidents could lead to minor as well as major injuries, involving scratches, bruises, broken bones, fractures, concussions etc. Often such incidences take place in public places that are accessible to all citizens. A slip and fall attorney helps safeguard your legal rights when such slip-fall incidence occurs, you would be assured to get right legal guidance and help for the compensation process.

Dallas Expert Legal Slip Fall Attorney for Injured Individuals

Slip and fall accidents sounds common and could be seen in public premises every now and then. Such accidents should be paid appropriate attention when happened in public premises. It’s the legal and moral duty of an owner or occupant to make the premise as safe as possible for customers. Places like stores, cafes, malls, etc should be free from hazardous sites which may pose physical damage to individuals. When you have been hurt in a slip and fall in the Dallas area, you can consult a premises liability lawyer for advice on whether you may have a claim. At Feizy Law Office, we provide compassionate and knowledgeable Dallas slip and fall attorney to accident victims.

Things to Know Before Filing Compensation Claim against Negligent Property Owner

In Texas property owners are highly expected to keep their premises reasonably safe for invitees, who are people legally on the property for the benefit of the owner. Whenever dangerous conditions exist on the premises, owners or occupiers are supposed to act promptly to repair that, warn those on the premises that there is a danger, or otherwise prevent foreseeable harm to unsuspecting visitors. A dangerous condition might be a temporary spill or debris, or it may be a more permanent defect such as broken stairs, cracks, potholes, or inadequate lighting. In all these situations, either repairing the defect or posting a conspicuous warning can prevent a serious accident. It is the legal right of a customer to take action against an owner if he/she is injured because the owner failed to cater the safety requirements. Legal rights could be asserted with the help of an expert slip and fall lawyer.

If an individual experiences a slip and fall at a public place where he/she were invited or permitted by the owner, like at a retail store, hotel, café, restaurant, apartment complex etc, he/she could legally file for the physical damages experienced. Slip and fall cases are generally less complicated since only a few evidences could prove the negligent behavior of owner. If you or any of your closed companions have experienced slip-fall accident then you would need to prove that the property owner or occupier knew about those dangerous conditions but still didn’t took reasonable care to eliminate the risk of harm. You would also need to link the occupier's lack of reasonable care with the injuries that were caused to you.

There could be complexities in proving your stance in the case because slip-fall accidents occur in a flash. There could be chances that the owner might try to prove your fault for the tripping, by cleaning up the accident point or putting danger sign at the accident location. To escape those possibilities you would require taking evidences like photographs and videos that are prompt in proving the negligence of owner. A knowledgeable Dallas slip and fall lawyer could ascertain other evidences that you might require for proving your point in legal hearing.

Take this example, it can be hard to show that a temporary spill in a grocery store was something that the store's employees should have noticed and cleaned up. Moreover, the substance may be cleaned up immediately once an accident happens. If you are able to take a picture soon after the accident, they may help you recover damages. You should also retain a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible after being hurt, so that your lawyer can promptly ask the store for any videotapes or documentation. Also you could hire Dallas wrongful death attorney for seeking the guidance and compensation in case of untimely death of a loved one.

Take Legal Opinion for Slip a and Fall Case from Expert Arlington Lawyer

The slip fall accident case could be bought to the court within two years from the date of happened accident. But it is always considered wise to bring these cases to court as soon as possible, since there could be the possibility of losing evidences and accident site could be remodeled. A property owner's insurer does not have your best interests at heart and is generally looking for the loopholes to avoid liability or ways to reduce the amount of damages that will be paid to you. Through enlisting your own injury attorney can make a big difference when bringing a case in Arlington or the surrounding region. Call Feizy Law Office at (214) 651-8686 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation. We assist injured individuals throughout Dallas and the surrounding cities, including Fort Worth, Plano, Garland, and Irving.