Lack of Truck Driver Training

Legal Guidance for Motor Vehicle Collision Victims in the Dallas Area

All commercial drivers need adequate training to help them avoid accidents on the road. Due to their weight and size, trucks require more time to stop, and they can be difficult to maneuver. Training can help alleviate some of the risks inherent in commercial driving. Unfortunately, some trucking companies and agencies fail to provide the necessary training for their employees. If you have been injured in the Dallas area due to inadequate driver training, the truck accident attorneys at Feizy Law Office may be able to help you pursue compensation not only from the truck driver but also the driver’s employer.

Pursuing a Negligence Claim against a Truck Driver and Company

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, and an individual driver's policy may not offer adequate coverage to compensate an accident victim who suffers from serious harm, such as brain injury, paralysis, or disfigurement. A trucking company or agency usually will have a policy with greater coverage, meaning that the accident victim is more likely to receive full compensation. An injured individual can potentially sue a trucking company or agency under a theory of vicarious liability if the driver is an employee who was on the job at the time of the accident. However, an accident victim can also sue a trucking company or agency under a theory of direct liability for its negligence in failing to train a truck driver.

Trucking companies and agencies that employ truck drivers owe a duty to others on the road to train the driver on how to maneuver the vehicle, check blind spots as well as possible, brake safely, follow hours of service rules, keep accurate logbooks, maintain the truck, and handle dangerous situations. As in other negligence cases, a victim would need to establish the defendant's duty of care, a breach of duty, actual and proximate causation, and damages. Failing to train a truck driver in an important aspect of the job is likely to be found to have breached the duty.

For example, it may be especially difficult to make a wide turn on a residential road in a commercial vehicle. A truck driver who is not trained in how to make this turn may inadvertently crush a motorcyclist in the other lane. Assuming the lack of training is the cause of the accident and it results in actual damages, the motorcyclist may be able to seek compensation from the trucking company. Forms of damages that often may be available to victims of truck crashes include missed wages, medical expenses, the costs of future treatment and therapy, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Enlist a Dallas Attorney to Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

If you have been involved in a crash caused by a lack of truck driver training, you may be able to pursue compensation for your costs and losses. Often, however, trucking insurers and attorneys try to find ways to blame the victim in order to reduce the damages award or avoid liability altogether. People in Dallas or the surrounding cities should consult an injury lawyer who understands how the trucking industry works and knows what driver training entails. Call Feizy Law Office at (214) 651-8686 or set up a free consultation through our online form. We also represent accident victims in Garland, Irving, Plano, Arlington, and Fort Worth, among other cities throughout Texas.