Delivery Vehicle Accidents

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Many commercial trucks are delivery vehicles. When they get into an accident with a car, their weight and size can mean the driver or passengers in the smaller vehicle are seriously injured, while the trucker walks away without a scratch. After a serious crash, however, a trucking company or delivery company may use an investigation team to control the scene and find evidence to suggest that the victim, rather than the delivery driver, was at fault. Even when slow speeds and quiet residential neighborhoods are involved, the results of a truck accident in Dallas may be devastating. The attorneys at Feizy Law Office are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims as they seek compensation.

Proving the Liability of a Negligent Driver or Company

If you are hurt in a delivery vehicle accident, you may have a basis to sue not only the driver but also his or her employer. This is important because in most cases truck or delivery companies have greater insurance coverage than individual drivers. Under the doctrine of vicarious liability, you can potentially hold one party responsible for another party’s actions. One type of vicarious liability is respondeat superior, which often allows an accident victim to hold an employer responsible for an employee's carelessness.

For example, if a delivery vehicle driver fails to stop at a stop sign and then hits a car, the driver of the car may be able to hold the delivery company responsible for the driver's negligence. The driver must have been in the course and scope of employment at the time of the accident in order for respondeat superior to apply.

In some cases, a trucking company may be directly to blame for an accident. Trucking companies are required to properly supervise and direct their employees. In some cases, they have a culture in which employees are encouraged to make deliveries on short deadlines at all costs. Commercial drivers are required to follow strict regulations related to their hours of service and to keep log books of their hours. Trucking companies are supposed to make sure that these log books are kept honestly and accurately. Unfortunately, some trucking companies look the other way with regard to these hours of service in the interests of profit.

After a delivery vehicle accident, it is important to take a close look at the "black box" inside the truck, which is a computer that logs all kinds of information about how much the truck is driven. If it does not corroborate the driver’s log book, or if the driver does not keep the requisite logbook, and the truck was driven too much, the trucking company may be liable for negligent supervision.

Similarly, trucking companies must carefully conduct background checks on drivers to make sure they are fit to drive, and they must keep files on their drivers documenting any problems. A trucking company that looks the other way when a truck driver has a background of drunk driving, drug abuse, or accidents may be held liable under a theory of negligent hiring.

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