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Have you or any of your closed companions gone through a motor vehicle accident lately? If it is so then you could highly bring up your legal case to the Texas court. The expert Dallas car accident attorney would provide you all the help that you need for the legal proceeding. Our expert car accident lawyer and his team deals with these kind of cases every now and then, by providing right legal guidance and helping with evidence assessment and collection.

Dallas Most Exceptional Legal Guidance for Motor Vehicle Collision Victims

Car accidents happen commonly in Texas, most of us must have seen a traumatic accident site while driving back to home. These accidents could range from minor car damage to wide range of catastrophic injuries like broken bones, burns, disfigurement, brain trauma, and spinal cord damage. In fact in certain cases these even lead to tragic deaths. The kind of physical, psychological and financial burden these accidents pose could be upheaval for any individual or his/her family. Often collisions on road are caused by distracted or reckless drivers who fail to follow the rules of the road. To fight for the rights one could seek help from an adroit car accident attorney who knows the legal procedure to seek justice for their client. If you are someone who has been hurt in Dallas accident because of carelessness of somebody, the motor vehicle collision attorneys at Feizy Law Office may be able to help you seek compensation.

Taking a Legal Action for Car Accident Compensation

Car accidents could be difficult to assess since these could often involve two or more vehicles depending on the scenario. In certain conditions it could be difficult to pinpoint the cause of an accident after it happens. There could be missing evidences or the other driver may lie or could genuinely misremember the happened incidence. Such scenarios are hard to deal especially in case you are trying to recover compensation after a car accident and you have to deal with other party's insurer, whose main focus is on limiting the damages you are entitled to or blaming you for the accident when it was genuinely not your fault. In these scenarios a great car accident lawyer would handle the entire nuisance that you might experience.

To recover compensation after a car crash, you need to prove that one or more parties acted negligently with the help of reliable Ft. Worth car accident lawyer. You would require establishing four elements: duty, breach of duty, actual and proximate causation, and actual damages. The first two elements consist of pointing to the duty of reasonable care that all drivers are required to take behind the wheel and identifying an action by the defendant that violated it. This could range from texting while driving to running a red light or speeding through a thunderstorm. A victim then would need to draw a direct causal link from the breach to the accident and identify specific costs or losses related to it that can be compensated.

In other cases where multiple cars are involved in an accident, a victim can bring in all the drivers who may have been responsible, and the jury can determine the percentage of responsibility that should be attributed to each party. Often, one or more of the other defendants will claim that the victim is partially to blame. Texas follows the rule of modified comparative negligence, which means that an individual’s compensation award is reduced by his or her percentage of fault. But someone who is found to be 51 percent at fault or more during legal proceeding cannot recover any damage compensation. To help with such circumstances and to prove your stance Plano car accident attorney would be extremely helpful.

What if some of the defendants do not have insurance or assets from which the victim can collect a judgment? In Texas, courts follow a modified joint and several liability rules, under which a defendant will only be held responsible for the injured individual’s full damages if that defendant is more than 50 percent responsible. Otherwise, the victim can only recover a particular amount of compensation to the extent of responsibility. Plano car accident lawyer knows all these escape clauses for a definite win of compensation.

Not everyone find this procedure comprehensive enough so seeking help from specialist Dallas motorcycle accident attorney could be beneficial. You could transform your entire legal proceeding in your own favor with Feizy Law Firm.

Explore your Legal Attorney Options after a Car Accident in Arlington and Plano

If you’ve had a serious car accident involving a lot physical injuries, then you may be worried about your recovery as well as additional financial burden that this situation have posed on you and your family. The daunting thoughts of medical bills could be havoc to your emotional health; hence we would recommend you to leave your worries and contact Arlington car accident lawyer. It is important to seek assistance from an injury lawyer who has guided people in Garland and other cities near Dallas through the potential insurance issues, and who has the diligence to investigate which parties were responsible for your accident. Call Feizy Law Office at (214) 651-8686 or complete our online form to set up a free consultation. We represent car accident victims in Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, and Irving, and other cities in Texas.